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The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review (AePR) is the magazine of the Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning. Our mission is to serve the needs of the global eportfolio community and promote portfolio learning as a way to transform higher education. 

We publish articles covering the broad area of ePortfolio use including pedagogy, research, technology, and organizational/administrative issues. Articles submitted for a current issue may be considered for a subsequent issue if they are not accepted for the current issue.

Current Issue

ePortfolio Initiatives and Challenges v5n2 (Spring/Summer 2022)

A tiny person sits on a bean bag in front of an oversized desk that holds lots of books and has a big computer screen from which a hand reaches that has a graduation cap on it.

Past Issues

  • Adapting to a Digital World v5n1 (Fall/Winter 2021)
  • Doing it Right: ePortfolio and Ethics, Practices, and Technologies v4n2 (Summer 2021)
  • ePortfolio Platforms v4n1 (Summer 2020)
  • ePortfolio and Transformation v3n2 (Winter 2020)
  • Building Bridges with ePortfolios II v3n1 (June 2019)
  • Building Bridges with ePortfolios I v2n3 (November 2018)
  • Outside the Classroom v2n2 (April 2018)
  • Assessment Practices v2n1 (November 2017)
  • High Impact Practices v1n3 (July 2017)
  • Reflection v1n2 (April 2017)
  • Evidence Based Learning v1n1 (November 2016)

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AAEEBL Annual Meeting – July 21-23, 2020


Given the current state of affairs, we will be exploring new opportunities for AAEEBL events in 2020 so want to first provide an update on the status of our Annual Meeting, which was scheduled for July 21-23, 2020, at Salt Lake Community College. We are excited to report that we received an abundance of great proposals. However, we have decided to postpone our in-person event until July 2021 in order to protect our collective health and safety – our efforts work over the past year on Digital Ethics have reinforced for us the need to work together to make ethical decisions, not just about our use of digital technologies, but also in terms of the decisions we all make on a daily basis.

See our official COVID-19 Response and Updates here

“Doing It Right: ePortfolios and Ethics, Practices, Technologies”

ePortfolios are now simultaneously the heart of a rich and growing academic literature and the latest addition to the list of high impact practices (HIP’s). With these developments in mind, the 2020 AAEEBL Conference explores what we mean by effective ePortfolio use, paying particular attention to digital ethics and ePortfolios, the design and use of other HIP’s in ePortfolio implementations, and the interrelationships between technologies, practices, and ethical considerations. Join us at Salt Lake Community College for what will be a thought-provoking meeting. To submit a proposal (due March 27, 2020), please click here

Keynotes include:

Dr. David Hubert, Associate Provost, Learning Advancement, Salt Lake Community College
Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, Kellogg W. Hunt Professor of English and Distinguished Research Professor at Florida State University

AAC&U/AAEEBL Summer Institute on ePortfolios for Authentic Student Learning and Success

This year’s conference will also be the site for the inaugural AAC&U/AAEEBL Summer Institute on ePortfolios for Authentic Student Learning and Success. This new format provides a year-long engagement opportunity for campus and/or state system teams seeking to actualize an ambitious strategy to broaden student engagement with ePortfolios. The new model directly engages with the ePortfolio Institute teams throughout an academic year via in-person and virtual interactions as participants’ implementation plans are put into practice. More information and instructions for applying to participate will be available in early 2020.


Please find links to presentations and videos shared by AAEEBL colleagues at our YouTube channel AAEEBL Connect

2019 Annual Meeting – Bronx Community College

Transformational Cases in Australia

Keynote: Amelia Parnell “Collaboration as a Lever for Change”

Keynote: Natasha Jankowski

Batson Lecture: Helen Chen “From Ed Tech Fad to Field of Study”

Student Panel

2018 Annual Meeting – Capilano University

Keynote: Gianina Baker “Emerging Trends in Assessing Student Learning”

Keynote: Cassandra Volpe Horii “Lessons from the Field of Education Development”

“Designing an ePortfolio Curriculum: Possible Models, Possible Opportunities”

Batson Lecture: Terrel Rhodes “Lift Every Voice: ePortfolio for Creating and Integrating”

Jan Unwin “Continuing on the Journey of Transforming Education in BC: Portfolios 2.0”

Ignite Presentations 2018

2017 Annual Meeting – Portland State University

Susan Kahn “Getting Better All the Time: An ePortfolio Moves from the Margin to the Center”

Paul Wasko “Most Scholarships are Simply Portfolios”

Elise Mueller “The White Glove Treatment”

Sarah Brown “A Methodology for Introducing Students to Attendant Images”

Tilisa Thibodeaux & Dwayne Harapnuik

Loren McDermott “Engaging True Student Success Through Purpose”

Cierra Stanton “Views of a General Education ePortfolio”

Julie Ambrose et al. “Creating a Meta Profile Collaboratively”

Thomas Black “Empowering Students to Tell their Story”

Gallery 2019

Snapshots from our Annual Meeting 2019 at Bronx Community College

More photos available on Facebook

Coming soon: Stay tuned for videos of Keynote speakers from this conference

Workshop Session
Digital Ethics Forum
Workshop Session
Student Panel (from left): Lucas Adelino (Auburn University), Kimberly Paur (Salt Lake Community College), Stephanie Calderon Vasquez (John Jay College), Jacqueline Aguilar (John Jay College), Alexi Orchard (Thompson Rivers University), Tracy Penny Light (panel mediator)
Evening Reception and Poster Presentations

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