Recordings from our Annual Meeting 2020!

AAEEBL Annual Meeting 2020 – Online!

To join any of our events during the month, please fill out the registration form to reserve your space. We have created a page for each week where you will have opportunities to register for the live sessions of your choice. You can also join our Slack workspace for offline conversations with other participants.

Field Guide to ePortfolio

The Field Guide to Eportfolio, a publication produced by more than fifty members of the ePortfolio field, provides an authoritative and representative account of the ePortfolio idea. It combines entries on what the most important dimensions of the ePortfolio concept are with case studies from various countries. This publication intends to be both an authoritative guide for…

Community crowd-sourced ePortfolio ebook

A lot of great ideas around ePortfolio practices were shared at the recent AAEEBL Annual Meeting, and we heard over and over how much you wish we had an open educational resource repository of ePortfolio resources and activities. So, we are planning a writing session to create just that! This will be an opportunity for…

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