Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios

The Digital Ethics Task Force developed the Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios, which are designed to support a variety of stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and platform developers in implementing ePortfolios with digital ethics at the center of their design.

Visualisation of the 10 principles for 'Digital Ethics in ePortfolios', version 3
Digital Ethics Principles in ePortfolios, version 3 from 2022

The 10 principles in version 3 are:

Each principle includes a rationale, strategies for application, use case scenarios, and a list of resources for further learning. The design of these pieces provides relevant application for a variety of stakeholders with the knowledge necessary to enact concrete change in their contexts.

Read the introduction to learn more how to use the principles.

The Task Force continues to expand this work through revising the principles and providing ongoing opportunities for professional development on these topics to the ePortfolio community. If you would like to attend a workshop hosted by the Task Force, visit the Events page for details.

For more information on the development and application of these Principles, review publications and presentations by members of the Task Force, for example: