AAEEBL ePortfolio Review

The AAEEBL ePortfolio Review will release the next issue in Spring 2018.

AePR is not a research journal although it welcomes articles reporting on research; it is not peer-reviewed, but reviewed by the editors listed below.  Acceptance is competitive: we publish three issues a year with about five articles per issue. Articles submitted for a current issue may be considered for a subsequent issue if they are not accepted for the current issue.

The AePR style is academic but not necessarily scholarly. Please read the AePR Authoring Guidelines.

AePR Executive Editors

  • Co- Executive Editor: Cindy Stevens, Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Co-Executive Editor: David R. Dannenberg, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Managing Editor: Russel Stolins, Institute of American Indian Arts
  • Design and Production: Manon C Grimault, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Design and Production: Keesa Johnson, Michigan State University
  • Editorial Team: Christa van Staden, University of South Africa
  • Editorial Team: Carra Hood, Stockton University

Editorial Board

  • Lara Beard, Episcopal Collegiate School
  • Kimberly Police, Ferrum College
  • Didier Bertrand, IUPUI
  • Martina Svyantek, Virginia Tech
  • Joan Leichter Dominick, Kennesaw State University
  • Gillian Green Hannum, Manhattanville College
  • Jennifer Munday, Charles Sturt University (Australia)
  • Ellen Zeman, Champlain College
  • Andrew Harver, UNC Charlotte
  • Leslie Batchelder, Portland State University
  • Elaine Gray, Appalachian State University
  • Yves Labissiere, Portland State University
  • Connie Rothwell, UNC Charlotte
  • Wayne Buente, University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Carra Leah Hood, Stockton University
  • Diane Holtzman, Stockton University
  • Christopher Pisarek, University of Georgia
  • Cynthia Cummings, Lamar University
  • Kim Hauville, Queensland University of Technology
  • Heather Caldwell, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Joan Getman, USC
  • Sandra Stewart, Charles Sturt University
  • Mia Lamm, Johnson & Wales University
  • Ruth Benander, University of Cincinnati
  • John Regan, Boston University

If you have questions about connecting with the AAEEBL community, send an email to connect@aaeebl.org.