PostDoc Fellowship at Georgia Tech

Postdoctoral Fellowship (KEEN)
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The Georgia Tech Biomedical Engineering Department’s KEEN Project is seeking to fill one full-time Postdoctoral Fellow position with a focus on the design and implementation of e-portfolio pedagogy across the engineering curriculum.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will contribute to the development of a research program to improve our understanding of how e-portfolio educational activities impact student learning. We are particularly interested in understanding how portfolios can help foster an entrepreneurial mindset within students, as well as develop their ability to craft compelling personal and professional narratives. The Postdoctoral Fellow will use a design-based implementation research approach in which they partner with students, faculty and other stakeholders, at Georgia Tech and other colleges of engineering, to ensure the novel portfolio approach that is developed will be useful and effective across a wide range of settings in engineering education. The fellow will work have the opportunity to work as part of a larger team dedicated to this initiative, and to participate in relevant meetings, conferences and workshops. Both qualitative and quantitative analyses will be conducted.

The postdoctoral fellow will work with the project co-PIs: Dr. Paul Benkeser, Dr. James Stubbs, and Dr. Joe Le Doux.

ePortfolio Action & Communication Community of Practice


  • March 2018 Meetup:  Coming Soon!
  • January 2018 Meetup Two:  Post-Forum Debrief and Reflection on AAC&U 9th Annual Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios
    “ePortfolios and the American Dream: Empowering Students to Take Ownership of Their Futures”
  • January 2018 Meetup One:  Pre-Forum Preflection and Explorations on AAC&U 9th Annual Forum on Digital Learning and ePortfolios
    “ePortfolios and the American Dream: Empowering Students to Take Ownership of Their Futures”
  • December 2017 Meetup:  Reflective Practices in STEM

Joining EPAC is currently free and all community members share the following benefits:

  • Virtual interactions through online chats & discussions, audio and video conferences discussing ePortfolio-related issues, case studies, pedagogical approaches, assessment techniques and best practices;
  • Networking and face-to-face opportunities with EPAC members at conferences and meetings;
  • Exchange of resources via the EPAC email listserv and wiki;
  • Tracking of international and national conferences, requests for proposals and funding opportunities;
  • Active exploration and evaluation of tools and practices to support ePortfolio-related activities, reflective thinking, and community-building.

To join EPAC, subscribe to the listserv here.

Previously sponsored by the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative/Educause Learning Initiative and the American Association for Higher Education, the EPAC Community of Practice has been a leading resource on ePortfolios since October 2002.

Current EPAC co-facilitators include: Helen L. Chen (Stanford University) and John Ittelson (California State University Monterey Bay).  For more information or if you have any questions about EPAC, please contact Helen L. Chen.