Annual Meeting 2020 *Virtual Edition* Schedule of Events and Registration


Registration is free but space is limited.  Register for the whole event or for the weeks of your choice.  To reserve your space click here.  Resources developed during the conference will be available to attendees through August.  Ongoing access to the community and resources will be available to AAEEBL members.  Click here to join the AAEEBL member community for full access to all our member benefits.

Each week will follow a similar format:

MondayAsynchronous Kick-Off Conversations with “Provocateurs”
TuesdayCollaboratory: Collaborative Resource Generation
WednesdaySynchronous Discussion/Activity
ThursdayGallery of Resources/Learning from Week
FridaySynchronous Workshop/Playshop

Week 1: ”Doing It Right (or Doing the Right Thing) in a Changing World: Considering the Role of Portfolio Pedagogy in Pivots to Online or Blended Learning Environments”

We will explore the ways that portfolio pedagogies can support effective learning in any environment, while paying special attention to the affordances of the online environment for both learners and teachers. Participants will collaborate to identify opportunities and challenges in their contexts for leveraging these practices, with special consideration given to the importance of “doing the right thing” in a changing world.

Week 2: ”Digital Ethics & Portfolios: Considering the Importance of Ethics in Our New Environment”

Together we will answer questions related to digital ethics and use the answers to generate effective practices for our work. What does it mean to be ethical in the digital environment? What ethical considerations must we take into account when designing ePortfolio implementations? How do we ensure equity and access in a rapidly changing world?

Week 3: “Leveraging Stakeholders in the Pivot: The Role of Student Affairs, Faculty Development, and Assessment in Portfolio Pedagogies”

Who are the stakeholders that we need to engage to ensure that portfolio practices and technologies are supported? What opportunities for collaboration exist as we move through the shifting context of higher education? How can we more fully support student success by engaging partners across our institutions?
 In this week, we explore these questions with specific attention to developing approaches that will enable the success of all our students on our campuses.

Week 4: “Weaving Things Together: Leveraging High Impact Practices in the Online/Blended Environment”

More than ever, we need to weave together our learning to support our students’ success. This week, we bring together the co-created activities and strategies to develop our own High Impact Practices.