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If you teach a portfolio curriculum or administer a portfolio program, we would love to have you attend Out of Practice.  For our Spring 2018 Cohort, approximately every two weeks, we will gather for an hour long conference call where we will check in about our individual portfolio progress.  Ask for accountability, ask for feedback, ask for inspiration.  In July 2018, we will present our portfolios and our experiences at the AAEEBL conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Spring 2018 Cohort is limited to 15.

Out of Practice Topics

  • Technology choices
  • Define the audience and purpose for your portfolio, including:
    • Life wide or comprehensive
    • Promotion & tenure
  • Identify categories to showcase in your portfolio, including:
    • Teaching/Research/Service
    • Expertise/Consulting/Clients
  • Identify specific accomplishments with categories, including:
    • Conference presentations
    • Publications
  • Create text and image for first, second, and third professional  accomplishment, post to portfolio
  • Create About page with image, post to portfolio  
  • Add contact information and link to vitae to portfolio

Out of Practice Meetings

  • February 14, 4 pm eastern
  • February 28, 4 pm eastern
  • March 14, 4 pm eastern
  • March 28, 4 pm eastern
  • April 11, 4 pm eastern
  • April 25, 4 pm eastern
  • May 9, 4 pm eastern
  • May 23, 4 pm eastern
  • June 14, 4 pm eastern
  • June 28, 4 pm eastern
  • July Date and Time TBA

For more information, send an email to wendebmg@gmail.com and Wende Garrison, co-founder of Out of Practice, will be happy to help you.

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