AAEEBL Task Force on Ethics and ePortfolios

As part of our yearlong exploration of digital ethics and ePortfolios, AAEEBL is supporting several collaborative efforts to develop resources to inform and support ePortfolio practice. The AAEEBL Digital Ethics ePortfolios Task Force is developing resources that can guide ePortfolio practice by outlining principles, resources, and recommendations to guide student, faculty, administrator and employer practice. This task force is led by Amy Cicchino, Megan Haskins, and Heather Stuart from the Office of University Writing, Auburn University with support from the AAEEBL Board.

2019-20 Digital Ethics & ePortfolios Task Force Members

Amy CicchinoAuburn University
Megan HaskinsAuburn University
Heather StuartAuburn University
Kevin KellySan Francisco State University
Elaine GrayAppalachian State University
Morgan GreshamUniversity of South Florida
Megan MizeOld Dominion University
Christine SladeUniversity of Queensland            
Megan Crowley-WatsonEdward Waters College
Kristina HoeppnerCatalyst, New Zealand
Sarah ZurhellenAppalachian State University

To learn more, please email AAEEBLdigitaltaskforce@gmail.com