ePortfolios and Transformations: Students, Curriculum, Assessment, Institutions

Since the turn of the 21stcentury, ePortfolios have been at the heart of many transformations in higher education and beyond – that of learner experience and engagement, the design of new curricular approaches, the opportunity to consider authentic evidence for assessment of learning, and the promise of institutional change and coherence to support learning across the learning career.  In 2019, we look forward to sessions that encourage attendees to explore the ways ePortfolios have contributed to the transformation of our students, the curriculum, assessment practices, and our institutional missions and goals.

Proposals could consider, but are not limited to:

  • ePorfolio as a High Impact Practice 
  • Student learning and engagement with ePortfolios
  • ePortfolio and learning designs (curricular/co-curricular)
  • Explorations of classroom, program, and/or institutional assessment
  • Faculty Development
  • ePortfolio outside the “normal” classroom or institution
  • Possible futures for ePortfolios


Presenters will be asked to choose one of the following section types, identify the Special Interest Group (SIG) that best reflects their session (Practices & Pedagogies, Research, Technologies), and to provide an abstract (250 words) and session description (500 words).

 Session Types (please select 1): 

  1. Workshops: AAEEBL workshops are intended to enhance hands-on skills and broaden attendees’ perspectives on ePortfolios at the Annual Meeting. Workshops should be interactive and designed to introduce a rigorous framework for learning a new area or to provide advanced training in an area. Submissions will be selected on the basis of the facilitator’s description of the learning outcomes, participatory design of the session and the proposed workshop facilitation, alongside its contribution to the overall conference program and AAEEBL mission (1 hour)
  2. AAEEBL Ignite:An AAEEBL Annual Ignite presentation is part of a 1-hour session where 8 “igniters” provoke and open dialogue with the community through a fast-paced and image-only PowerPoint presentation. This 5-minute (20 slides advancing every 15 seconds) “ignite” should focus on innovative teaching ideas, creative project processes, and/or developed project outcomes that explore the SIGs.  
  3. Concise papers: An AAEEBL Annual concise paper provides a forum for discussion of key directions related to one of the SIGs in research, informed practice, works in progress, reports on specialized topics, pilot studies, or brief reports on innovative practice in technology-supported teaching and learning (25 minutes). 
  4. Poster Presentations:Posters may focus on a range of projects, case studies, and research and development initiatives that explore opportunities for conference participants to discuss their work. To extend our learning at the AAEEBL Annual, we invite all presenters to present both a concurrent session and a poster proposal. Posters should emphasize the problem, what was done, and why the work is important to the community. 

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