Conference Session Formats

To achieve the four conference goals (equity, connection & community-building, co-creation, and flexibility), we will engage in different types of activities in time zone-friendly, concentrated bursts over three days. Each day will allow participants to get their regular work done before, in between and after 2-3 hour blocks of sessions.

Conversation Sessions

Conversation sessions are 1-hour interactive conference presentations. Propose a topic and a desired outcome for a focused, “hybrid flexible” conversation that supports participation across time zones and among busy people. Conversation leaders will  a) guide both synchronous and asynchronous participants as they contribute ideas, questions, solutions and more; and b) pull those ideas together into a graphical takeaway summary.

Unconference Sessions

Each 1-hour unconference session will be kicked-off with a 3-5 minute vide thought prompt. Participants will then work as one large group and/or smaller breakout groups to generate takeaways and calls for action. You can participate in 2 ways: 1) propose an unconference topic to facilitate on your own or with colleagues and/or; 2) participate by reviewing the list of proposed unconference topics generated via our Call for Participation and then add yourself to any that interest you. All topics should be posed as a question. Conference organizers may suggest combining similar topics. Unconference sessions can be extended to 2 hours.


In a series of 2 hour work sprints, participants will collectively co-create new or revise the following existing AAEEBL resources: 1) The AAEEBL Field Guide (add new topics or revise existing ones); 2) Hack your Professional Online Presence (POP!) – create or update your ePortfolio and/or LinkedIn Profile; 3) Hack the ePortfolio platform decision-making / adoption / selection process. Join as many hacks as you can or want!