Welcome to the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL).  We are the international professional development organization for ePortfolio teachers and administrators.

Mike Goudzwaard and Ashley Kehoe, Instructional Designers attended the 2015 Association for Authentic Experiential Evidence Based Learning (AAEEBL) conference and had the opportunity to kick off the conference by giving 2 consecutive Ignite Talks.The AAEEBL ePortfolio community of is a vibrant one and we would love to have you join us.  Some ways you could connect with other ePortfolio professionals include:

  • Sign up for one of our monthly EPAC Meetups (attend live or get the recording)
  • Access one of our published resources like AePR issues, the Field Guide, or IJEP issues (all open access, read online or download)
  • Attend our July 2018 three day conference (our Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia) or our May 2018 three day conference (our Regional Meeting in Dublin, Ireland)
  • Volunteer to be added to our AAEEBL directory (we are listing folks by geography, area of focus, and technology choice)
  • Join AAEEBL as a member and get involved in a Special Interest Group (including Practices & Pedagogies, Technology, and Research)

If you have questions about connecting with the AAEEBL community, send an email to