Twitter Chat: Defining Digital Ethics and ePortfolios

August 2019: Defining Digital Ethics and ePortfolios: Moderated by Helen L. Chen (@helenlchen), Kevin Kelly (@KevinKelly0), Misty M. Kirby (@OneLove_mk), and Samantha Veneruoso (@professorsv) and consisting of two active moderated chats (one in the North America and another in Australasia) with the #eportchat hashtag kept open for ongoing posting and participation. View the summary of our discussion and associated resources and the transcript captured in Wakelet.

COVID-19 Statement and Updates

Dear AAEEBL Community,

We are reaching out, first and foremost, to wish you well during this unprecedented moment in the world.  We hope that you and your families are well and staying safe and healthy during this crisis.  We know that life and work are challenging now as we all work together to stop the spread of this virus, and we at AAEEBL are actively seeking ways to support you in your efforts.

AAEEBL 2020 Annual Meeting

Given the current state of affairs, we will be exploring new opportunities for AAEEBL events in 2020 so want to first provide an update on the status of our Annual Meeting, which was scheduled for July 21-23, 2020, at Salt Lake Community College.  We are excited to report that we received an abundance of great proposals.  However, we have decided to postpone our in-person event until July 2021 in order to protect our collective health and safety – our efforts work over the past year on Digital Ethics have reinforced for us the need to work together to make ethical decisions, not just about our use of digital technologies, but also in terms of the decisions we all make on a daily basis.  We want to ensure that it is truly safe for us to gather and trust that creating this space and exploring alternate ways of gathering, while maintaining social distance, is the right thing to do in this moment.  Soon, we will be contacting those of you who submitted proposals for the Annual Meeting as we develop our summer offerings with some different possibilities for your participation this year or in the future. 

AAEEBL Meetups and Online Events

We are developing a series of online events this spring and summer that address the conference theme (“Doing It Right: ePortfolios and Ethics, Practices, and Technologies”) with a special focus on enabling your success in online and remote teaching environments with practical strategies for leveraging portfolio practices.

On April 16, we will host an online event focused on the ways that students can generate evidence of learning in a remote world.  Our aim is to use this event to collect existing and generate new strategies for leveraging portfolio thinking to enable student success.  More details about this event and a link to register link can be found on our website here.  More events will be announced shortly.   

If portfolio pedagogies teach us anything, it is the ability of folio thinking to enable us to make connections, think critically and creatively, and make visible the evidence of learning.  We are confident that this crisis will surface important opportunities for strengthening the work that we all do together to engage students deeply and look forward to working with you over the coming months. 

All the best on behalf of the AAEEBL Board of Directors,

Tracy Penny Light, President


AAEEBL Meetup April 2020: Evidence of Student Learning

How can students generate evidence of their learning in a remote world?

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Facilitators: Kevin Kelly (San Francisco State University, ), Gail Matthews-Denatale (Northeastern University), Helen L. Chen (Stanford University), Members of the AAEEBL Board

Date: April 16, 2020 at 4 pm EDT / 1 pm PDT / 9 pm U.K.

Session Description: For many higher ed teachers and students, remote teaching and learning is a new experience. Even some veterans of hybrid or online course formats struggle with how to switch to remote for specific scenarios. In this online event, the Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) will discuss how students can generate and show evidence of learning through ePortfolio approaches–even if you don’t use an ePortfolio tool. Based on some “lightning round” thought prompt presentations, participants co-constructed a collection of strategies that can be immediately piloted and implemented focusing on:

  • how to help students document and reflect on their learning in disciplines that are challenging to accomplish remotely, such as STEM, the arts, or hands-on skills courses
  • how to maintain learning equity in a world where some students and even some faculty do not have access to adequate devices, Internet, software or training for successful remote learning
  • how to create Universal Design for Learning pathways for students to create and demonstrate evidence of learning in remote settings


AAEEBL April 2020 Meetup Recording

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